Nordy by Nature

Nordy by Nature is a zine exploring the past 50 years of counterculture design in Northern Ireland. I was inspired by an article written by Eamon McCann, a Northern Irish journliast and politician, about the launch of my magazine - Dig With It. In the article, he claimed: ‘Almost invariably, people are better than the politics of wherever they’ve come from.’ I wanted to prove his point by profiling designers, illustrators, writers and artists who create work inspired by or inspite of the political climate in Northern Ireland.

I researched counterculture design, illustration and publications from 1977 to 2020. I had interesting conversations with some of my favourite artists and designers from NI and curated this zine full of their work and words. The typography of the title is in the shape of a map view of Northern Ireland.

This zine was part of my University dissertation.