Shape Shifters

Shape Shifters is a card game for primary school children with some of the symbols, shapes and emblems associated Northern Ireland on one side. The cards connect into a map of the country on the other side. The symbols are minimal and don’t include any of the original colours. The original colours are stripped to remove their political stigma. The aim of the card game is to educate young people on the symbols of Northern Ireland and for the original meanings and design to be celebrated. It is encouraging an education with no bias or political leanings. The name Shape Shifters is to represent how people from Northern Ireland can often question their identity and feel they can ‘shape shift’ between both Irish and British cultures. 

Tuned In

Tuned In is a one-stop organisation and platform for musicians in Northern Ireland who are struggling with their practice through the Coronavirus pandemic, and need support, information and updates on financial aid. It is based in Belfast and passionate about sustaining a community for local musicians. It connects musicians with organisations that help with financial aid, mental health concerns and funding application advice. It also platforms musicians who are releasing music and projects during lockdown, and shares stories of successful funding applicants and what they have achieved with the financial support.


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