Betsy Bailie

Graphic Design, Photography & Illustration. 

Viper Fish

Mapping project

“Viper Fish” is a handmade book of 108 monoprints visualising the musical texture of the song Viper Fish by Goat Girl

“Viper Fish” embossed in black foil

Penguin On Design

Redesigning book covers

Silver Spacer

Branding Project


“Silver Spacer” is my response to a branding project using the theme “Curiosity” and the audience over 65 year olds. I created a brand that is a retirement plan in space

Posters - slideshow:

The Way We Wore


“The Way We Wore” is a publication about how memory is linked to clothing. I interviewed people about the memories they have associated with their clothing. The book is hand-made and bound


The Bends

Layout project

“The Bends” is a layout project showcasing photography and typography about scuba-diving


Portrait Photography

Photography will always be the way I connect with people. I feel like I’m always living in this state of predictive nostalgia. Every moment I experience I try to capture it so I have it for later. 

I fell in love with photography when I was 17 and was frequently taking photos of my favourite local bands when I went to gigs at the weekend. I love to take photos of interesting people - artists and musicians and writers. It became this wonderful way for me to meet and connect to people I aspired to be like. On the flip side I also love documenting my friends. Capturing their face in a specific moment of time, only to become a memory of a person they once were.

I love analogue photography because to me it feels more creative. It’s more like creating a piece of artwork because the photos don’t really come out how the scene looked in real life. It looks more magical on film. It’s almost like this twilight zone I’m creating. And as we photograph things, we are inevitably photographing loss because the things in the photos will never be the same again.

I love to take people’s portraits. It is my way of remembering them as how I loved them in that moment, and capturing a time that can never be returned to. That’s one of my favourite things about photography - it’s a permanent freeze frame of your life. I prefer taking portraits because I am the most inspired by people and their faces. I mostly take portraits in black and white. As the photojournalist Ted Grant once said, “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls”. 

Gig Photography 


Band Photoshoots


Brand New Friend

Wynona Bleach

Problem Patterns


Pillow Queens

The Florentinas

Poster Design

Poster for “Hive Live #002” gig

Poster for ICR’s “Pop Up” event at Hatch, Manchester

Poster for Manchester Universities’ Choir and Orchestra Society Winter Concert 

Poster for Manchester Universities’ Choir and Orchestra Society Spring Concert

Poster for “Table It” promotions gig

Poster for Brand New Friend’s gig

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles